St Paul Secondary School

(A Senior Secondary School)

Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi 10+2, Birsinghpur, Samastipur- 848102

Rules & Regulation

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School Regulations

Parents / Guardians will be bound by the School rules in all respects which may be changed from time to time. In all matters of dispute, the decision of the Secretary / Principal will be binding on the parents / guardians. The Secretary / Principal is fully empowered to remove a student if in his opinion, the student has failed to conform to the norms of discipline of the school and his continued presence is detrimental to the interest of the other students of the school or the student fails to come up to the academic standards of his / her class, and when detention in the same class would make the student too old for his class.

01 The Secretary / Principal has the right to ask the guardians to withdraw their wards from the school and the hostel without assigning any reason.
02 Students should arrive in the school at least ten minutes before assembly. No one who has been absent or late may be admitted to the class without an admittance slip from the Principal's Office.
03 A student, who is not properly dressed in the school uniform, will be excluded from the class room.
04 Magazine, comics, Newspapers, valuable materials and articles should not be brought to the school.
05 Any kind of damage to school property will be repaired at the cost of the responsible party.
06 The school is not responsible for loss of goods. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles to school. Books, bags, pencil boxes, and tiffin carriers etc. should be marked with the name of the student.
07 When there is any contagious disease in their family, the students should not come to the school without the usual clearance from the Doctor.
08 Private tuitions are strongly discouraged by the school authorities.
09 Pupils who do not return promptly after holidays and those who are absent for a month without permission may have their names struck off from the school register.
10 Students who have been absent from a class must bring a note of explanation from their parents. This must be shown to the class teacher for his / her signature.
11 No leave of absence will be given without a written application from the parents. Students not returning to School on the opening day after vacation should produce sufficient grounds for absence supported by medical certificate in case of sickness, otherwise their names will be struck off from the school register.
12 When the school is in session, parents should not visit the classes or meet teachers without the permission of Secretary / Principal.
13 The guardians desirous of sending their children through school vehicle will be required to deposit three month's conveyance charges in advance. Only they can be assured of the vehicle services. The school vehicle follows a fixed route and children will be required to be present at fixed spots in order to be picked up. The vehicle will not deviate from its fixed route. In case of a breakdown, it will be the responsibility of the parents / guardians to arrange for their ward's transportation.
14 Parents and guardians are requested to sign the monthly / terminal report cards and notices sent to them periodically. They should take an active interest in the school's activities and functions. They should ensure that the home task / assignments given by the teachers are completed regularly by their children.

01 That he / she gets affection of teachers.
02 That he / she gets the best teaching available.
03 That he / she gets proper facilities for extra curricular activities.
03 That his/her talents must be recognised and encouraged.

01 That he / she comes to school regularly in proper uniform
02 That he/ she obeys all the rules and regulations of the School
03 That he / she passes all Examinations conducted by School
04 That he/she takes an active part in all the School activities

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