St Paul Secondary School

(A Senior Secondary School)

Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi 10+2, Birsinghpur, Samastipur- 848102

Aims & Objectives

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Aims & Objectives

Personality development of the child. In order to accomplish this, special efforts are made to help the students.

Develop National integrity, unity and secularism.
Develop positive attitude towards work.
Be clear and firm in their principles 8: actions.
Selfless service to their fellow - men and country.
To be obedient to their elders.
To train and educate the students coming from every section of the society, especially from the down trodden and poorer sections, in such a way so that they may prove themselves as worthy citizens of the Country.
To Develop disciplinary conduct and a habit to observe the rule of law and self-restraint.

Birsinghpur, Samastipur - 848102, Bihar


Ph: 09934953714, 09835685080