The school has hostels for Students (Boys/Girls) who are interested in hostel accommodation will have to apply for the Hostel. Application Form will be available from the School office at the time of admission.
The School is mainly residential however a limited number of students are admitted to classes. Well furnished rooms and dormitory are provided for lodging purposes.
It is essential for the boarders to participate in physical training and games daily.
Food parcels from parents are not encouraged.
Students are not allowed to keep cash with them. Money should not be given or sent to the students directly.
Students must not be given expensive articles to be brought to the hostel. If they do so, the school will not be responsible for their loss.
Parents and guardians are expected to meet their wards not directly. They should meet through the Hostel Warden / Superintendent. Parents and guardians are also requested not too visit their ward to often.
As and when required damaged / torn clothes and personal belongings of the students will have to be replaced / repaired by their parents/ guardians.
Boarder who leave the school or the hostel without permission of the Principal or the Hostel superintendent, would not be re-admitted to the school or the Hostel. The School will not be responsible for any thing whatever.
A qualified M.B.B.S. Doctor visits the school regularly to look after the health and hygiene of the students. A Government Hospital is also situated near the School. In case of serious illness, the parents will be informed.
At the time of Admission in the hostel, one month's full charges of the Hostel besides the Caution Money will be charged.
No deduction in boarding charge is to be made due to partial attendance of the boarders unless prior information in writing is given to the Principal.
No deduction will be allowed of any charges of the hostel during the holidays etc.
The School will not take any responsibility for any natural calamity causing damage, Loss or theft of the property of the students.
All possible medical care will be taken in the case of serious illness of the students. The medical bill will be charged from the parents / guardians.
Hostel Bill with the tuition fee or any other charges of the School should be paid by the 5th of each month.




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