Welcome to St. Paul Secondary School
St. Paul Secondary School come into existence in the year 1986 primarily with view to provide all-round development of the future generation of our country. The school encourages active participation of parents/guardians to achieve its aims besides achievement high academic standard the school would like the students to develop an integrated personality. The school seeks to create conditions for an all-round development of character in which fraternity, equality and justice for all shall be the guiding principles.

About Our Teachers
Deterioration in the field of education is being widely felt these days. Especially due to lack of good Institutions which are required to catch the needs of a large number of children. We know the importance of well-educated teachers to curve the Students future. We have a team of well qualified and experienced teachers who are giving attention to each and every student in class not only to study but also teaching good manners which lead than to become good and responsible citizen tomorrow.

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RULES of Annual Athletic Meet 2017-18




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